Zyno Bot
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Zyno Bot - the nummer #1 custom Discord Bot


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Zyno Bot is a custom Discord bot designed to enhance your server experience with a variety of features.

Level System

Allows users to gain experience and level up within the server, increasing engagement and encouraging participation.

Join/leave messages

Customizable messages that display when a user joins or leaves the server, providing a sense of community and welcoming new members.

Fully customizable

The bot's settings can be adjusted to fit the needs of any server, including colors, prefixes, and more.

Advanced admin system

Powerful tools for managing the server, such as advanced moderation commands and log messages.

Giveaway system

A built-in system for hosting giveaways, making it easy to reward users and increase engagement.

Many mini-games

The bot includes a variety of mini-games, such as tic tac toe and rock paper scissors, to keep users entertained and engaged.

Economy system

A built-in economy system that allows users to earn virtual currency, which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Ticket system

A system for handling support requests, allowing users to open tickets and receive help from staff.

Log messages

A feature that logs all messages and actions in the server, allowing for easy tracking of user activity and moderation.

Reaction roles

Allows server members to self-assign roles by reacting to a message with a particular emojis, clicking on a button or selecting an option from a select menu.

Verification system

A built-in captcha system to prevent bot infiltration and filter out bad users.

Embed builder

A tool that allows users to create custom embeds, which can be used to display rich media and information in a visually appealing way.

Music system

Allows users to play music from popular platforms like YouTube and more.

Moderation commands

A variety of commands for moderating the server, such as kick, ban, and mute.

Self backup

Allows to make a backup of the whole bot with one command.


Show the users with the most points, experience or any other defined variable.

Advanced chat filter

A powerful chat filter that can detect and remove offensive or unwanted content, keeping the chat clean and safe for all users.

Addon system

The bot allows for add-ons to be installed, adding new features and commands to the bot.

Support & Information

Do you have any questions before buying Zyno bot, experienced any bugg or need assistence with the bot you can contact us via our discord server:

Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup Zyno bot?

Setting up Zyno bot is not complicated, we have written a documentation on how to install Zyno bot: learn more.

How to host Zyno bot?

There are multiple ways to get your bot online. Most people use a Pterodactyl panel, which is a panel where you can easily manage your VPS and split your VPS in multiple servers. There are also a lot of hosting companies that offer Discord bot hostings. These hostings often also make use of Pterodactyl. You can also host it on your own PC, although we'd rather recommend you to host the bot on a hosting or VPS.

Can I use the bot in multiple servers?

Right now every license can be used to run only one bot, which is linked to only one Discord server, this means you cannot use Zyno bot in multiple servers right now..

Terms and Conditions
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