Premium Theme
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Premium Theme - the Ultimate in Server Managment Experience

Support version: Pterodactyl v1.11.2


Lifetime License

Premium Support

Experience the ultimate in game server management with the elegant and professional design of our Premium Theme for Pterodactyl.


Premium Support

Get the chance to customize the theme to your likings, with 2 hours free Premium support.

Per-Game Banner

Display per type of game a different server-card banner, to make users identify their server fast.

Profile Picture

The theme makes use of Gravatar, to display an personalized profile picture selected by the user.

Single Account

All account settings are merged together into one flowing page, to get a better few of your account settings.

Theme Settings

The theme comes with a built-in admin side, which makes modifying easier then ever before.

Custom Elements

Almost every element is in some way customized in Premium theme, which makes it a very unique theme.

Color Changer

Never mess around with files, easily change the colors with RGB, HEX, HSL via the admin side.

Custom Icons

Premium don't use the default icons, and comes with the unique HeroIcons, which give a modern feeling.

Social Buttons

Display a link to your website, Discord or something else, with Premium this is done via the admin side.

Custom Login

Premium has a clean and modern login screen, all unnecessary info got removed from the portal.

Custom Elements

Almost every element is in some way customized in Premium theme, which makes it a very unique theme.


This theme is not only build for desktop users, but also mobile users so anyone can use the panel.

Support & Information

Do you have any questions before buying Premium theme, experienced any bugg or need assistence with the theme you can contact us via our discord server, or send an email:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the theme work with addons?

Yes, the theme works with almost every addon. We made a list on addons authors we do recommend, learn more here. It may happen an addon don't work, we can do something but it isn't guaranteed.

Will the theme continue getting updates?

For sure we're always busy keeping our themes up-to-date. And prepare for any Pterodactyl update, so you can use the theme on the latest version of Pterodactyl.

I've an error with the theme, what to do now?

It may happen you experience an error using the theme. We did write about this too in a blog: learn more here.

Some technical information:

The installation instructions are in the readme.txt file delived with the theme itself. The theme is build without any CSS file. So do you want to change something in the theme, you have to find the right Pterodactyl file. We can help you with this, if you cannot figure it out yourself. The theme backend works with PHP and a database, like the default Pterodactyl admin-side does too.

Terms and Conditions
  • You may not resell or redistribute this theme
  • No refunds, except as otherwise discussed
  • Updates for the theme aren't guaranteed
  • You may not share the code
  • You may not use the code for your own theme
  • We can deny support for any reason